Delica Beads Weights


How many beads do you need for your project?   It is helpful to know how many beads are in a packet as most delica beads are sold in 3 or 5 gram bags or tubes.   Your project may give you a number of beads and knowing the weights will help you determine how many you need.

While it is not exact, it is a great tool to use to get an approximate calculation of what you require.




Delicas/Cylinder Beads

Miyuki Delicas Size 15/0 350 per gram

Miyuki Delicas Size 11/0 200 per gram

Miyuki Delicas Size 10/0 108 per gram

Miyuki Delicas Size 8/0 30 per gram

More About Bead Weights

Matte/frost finished beads are slightly lighter and smaller because the tumbling process removes some glass from them. You get a few more beads per gram with these beads.Beads with cut surfaces (charlottes or 3-cuts) are similarly lighter than the round bead of the same size. The lighter bead weights mean more beads per gram.